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Can you help the Fernaig Trust?

The good news is that the Footpath project through the Trust land linking Achmore to Braeintra is about to happen as we obtained a grant and an experienced contractor is starting work in the next month or so. 

Getting the grant was really good news but there is a shortfall that our small Trust will have to cover so we have just begun the process of trying to raise these funds. To this end the Trust have put an appeal on http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/fernaig to try and reach a wider group than just local residents. 

We would obviously like your support and if you can help you can either use the crowdfunding site or by a direct donation to the Trust. But we would also ask for your support by sending the link above or sharing it with as many people as you can - family, friends and acquaintances. Also if you have any business contacts, work colleagues or you are members of other networks perhaps you could you share the link with them too. We will keep a record of those who donate and want to be named on a 'Roll of Honour of Supporters' board that will be publicly displayed when the path is completed. If people wish to remain anonymous then, of course, we will respect their wishes.

We do hope you can help us in whatever way you can.

Many thanks

Lizzie Bird

Fernaig Community Trust

News and Events

The FCT now has a Facebook page


Having reboarded the outside of the Fernaig Trust's Old Forestry office in Achmore, we are looking for someone to paint the outside. If you are interested could you please send a quotation for the job to either

Lizzie (birdlizzie@btinternet.com) or

Colin (colinandrosy@btinternet.com).

TheTrust have applied for a grant to put in a footpath through Trust Land for the benefit of local residents and visitors to the area. For further information please click here to read notes of an Open Meeting held in May to update local residents of the proposal. The application has now been submitted to the Scottish Rural Payments Scheme but result of our application will not be known until early 2017.

To see map of proposed footpath and further information click here

Strome Woods Paths Work

Saturday 8th November 2014 

Many thanks to Sean, Hamish, Jack, Lizzie, Colin and Oscar the horse for all their hard work moving and mending paths in the woods with materials supplied by FCS


















The Fernaig Community Trust are pleased to announce they are members of Community Land Scotland (CLS). CLS are an organisation which supports the activities of community based land owning groups such as the Trust.

Community Orchard

The Trust have planted the first trees to form the Community Orchard


We have tried to get varieties that are hardy for the north & also disease resistant – canker is the main problem here.

The varieties are:

Early autumn dessert apples – Sept/Oct

KATJA ( KATY ) - M25 Known to do well here, ‘canker resistant’. Swedish cross between James Grieve & Worcester Permain.
JAMES GRIEVE - M25 Scottish origin.

Late autumn dessert apples – Oct - Dec

EGREMONT RUSSET - M25 ‘Disease resistant’, does well here, popular.

‘Spring’ dessert apples – ripen Dec/Jan & keep through to March
ISLE OF WIGHT PIPPIN - M26 ‘Very resistant to canker & mildew’
STURMER PIPPIN - M26 ‘Hardy’ ‘Good even on indifferent soils’

WHITE MELROSE - M26 Oct/Nov will keep til Feb. Scottish origin
REVEREND GREEVES - M26 keeps til March. Scottish origin.
LORD DERBY - M25 Oct- Dec ‘Popular variety especially in north & Scotland’ ‘excellent variety for cold and wet conditions’ ‘disease resistant’


(all on St Julien rootstocks, 1st year whips) We've gone for good flavour, later flowering (frost resistant) varieties, & disease resistance.


(Colt rootstock, 1st year whip)
LAPINS or Cherokee. 

The initial plantings were apple trees and we will add to the Orchard with the other trees on order.

If anyone would like to contribute a tree, or trees, to the Orchard, please contact Kate (577214) Colin (577236) or Lizzie (577307) and we can make arrangements for either you to plant your tree/trees in the Orchard or we  can plant it for you. Any fruit trees are welcome - the more the better!

Am Bata tree selection
Am Bata tree selection
Am Bata tree selection
Am Bata tree selection
Am Bata tree selection
Am Bata tree selection