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History & Who's Who








Achmore Hall - before and after

Hall Committee - Office Bearers



Chairperson   -  Jack Bird  

Treasurer  -  Jackie Parsons

Secretary  -  Joanne Fraser

Hall Bookings  -  Grace Gray

Key Keeper  -  Willie Gillespie

Committee member  -  Rene Gibson

Committee member  -  Ingrid Hobba

Committee member  - Helen Robertson

 Hall meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month and everyone is welcome.

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Hall Garden - tidy ups

With everyone being busy and trying to co-ordinate one day for a Hall gardens tidy up, the best option would appear to be doing this work on an ad-hoc basis so........

If you have some spare time and are willing to spend a little time in the Hall garden perhaps with another person to chivvy you along and have a blether with, your help would be much appreciated


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