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Stromeferry & Achmore

Stromeferry & Achmore - Broadband Project

This project would not be possible wihout the help of the following:-

Community Broadband Scotland, The Highland Council, Fay MacKenzie, Dolly Chisholm, Beccy Smith and Andrew and Emma Mackenzie.

Our objective is:-

To create a locally managed, industrial strength broadband service with speeds increased by at least a factor of 10, whilst reducing the costs by at least 10%.

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If you have any queries regarding this project or you would like to register and "sign up" please contact Phil at:-


You can read about the impact of the R100 programme here

You can view our Data Protection Policy   here

You can view our Customer Contract here


We are currently testing speeds up to

29 Mbps download
14 Mbps upload

Tariff (monthly rates)

Standing charge - £5 per subscriber
Rate per 150 GB - £1.00


150 GB   - £6.00
300 GB   - £7.00
900 GB   - £11.00

There is no upper limit to the monthly quota just add £1.00 per additional 150 GB.

All new subscribers pay a £30 premium which is equivalent to the additional amount paid by basic service subscribers who joined in December 2014 when the tariff was much higher.

This is collected as a monthly surcharge of £2.50 for the first year of membership.

The equivalent rates are:-

150 GB - £8.50
900 GB - £13.50

When the £30 premium has been paid the rates drop to £6.00, £11.00 etc.

We can provide Whole House Wi-Fi if requested; there are two options:-

Option 1 - An Ethernet wired solution. We will provide the Ethernet cable but the subscriber will have to install the cable run(s). As part of the deal we will terminate the cable with RJ45 plugs and configure the additional units. There are two options for additional equipment a basic router (2.4 GHz only) or an enhanced router (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz).

The charge is £1 per month for each additional basic router and £2 per month for each enhanced router.

Option 2 - A mains LAN extender solution. This requires a base unit to be located near to the existing CMNet router and additional unit(s) to extend Wi-Fi coverage. Because of the limited performance of the LAN extenders we propose to only provide a basic router (2.4 GHz only).

The charge is £1.50 per month for the base unit plus £2 per month for each additional basic router and secondary extender.

Both options are for a minimum term of 2 years and are only available to CMNet subscribers. Both options include a site survey and in the case of the mains LAN extenders an on-site trial.

We will maintain all the equipment and will provide a performance guarantee for the Ethernet solution.

We cannot provide a performance guarantee for the mains LAN extenders as their performance depends on factors outside our control. But before making a commitment the subscriber will have the benefit of the results of the on-site trial.

You can read the latest draft minutes of the Steering Group here

For previous minutes please use the Minutes page

For information from AGMs please use the AGM Documentation page


Current Phase (in progress) using three "fibre" VDSL

- 64 subscribers are live

- All three ADSLs have been upgraded to fibre VDSL

- 12 subscribers are waiting for connections